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Wardrobe - Rent Luxury Fashion

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Wardrobe - Rent Designer Dresses, Bags, Shoes

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Authentic Influencers Only

Build your brand with the items you already own

Engage your followers and add an income stream by renting items in your closet

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How it Works

Set up in minutes. No costs or fees.
We only earn when you do.


1-on-1 call with a Wardrobe team member

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Send approved items to Wardrobe

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Share with your community and earn revenue on every rental

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It’s that easy!
Wardrobe will handle all cleaning, shipping, and customer support, leaving you to focus on
building your brand and community

Sharing your style is the most intimate way to grow your audience and
turn fans into superfans

Your followers are your followers: you decide how and when to engage them.

Access engagement, customer info, analytics and payment data from your personalized

It’s the most authentic way to grow your audience while generating recurring revenue.

Aligns your brand with sustainable fashion.

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Wardrobe is the best way to earn off your clothes

  • No dealing with consignment sellers or lowball offers
  • The items are still yours - you can
    use them when needed
  • Develop deeper fan relationships
    that translates to your other
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How much can you earn?

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a month

Wardrobe handles all cleaning, shipping, and support

Figures based on an average owner payout of $10/rental and 2 rentals/month/item