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Wardrobe - Rent Luxury Fashion

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Wardrobe - Rent Designer Dresses, Bags, Shoes

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How Wardrobe Works

rent dresses, bags, shoes

1. Book it

Browse hundreds of closets, brands, occasions and all sizes

2. Get it

Get it delivered or pick it up at a nearby Wardrobe Hub

3. Drop it

Simply return the item via the return shipping label and box provided or at your nearest Wardrobe Hub at the end of your rental period


Wardrobe GuaranteeWe promise fashion pieces in great condition, professionally dry-cleaned, perfect style delivered to your door just for you.

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Common Questions

What is Wardrobe?

Wardrobe is the most Earth-friendly form of style, and the world’s largest luxury and archive vintage clothing rental service.

What we love about fashion isn't the opportunity it gives us to own clothes, but to own moments. So [we believe you should dress for the life you want - one that is eco-friendly, ethical, luxurious and empowering - and we’re here to make that happen.

Whether you use our platform to save money renting luxury fashion available exclusively on Wardrobe, or to earn money lending your own incredible collection, together we’re creating a world of fashion that is rich with variety and better for the planet. It’s good for the planet and great for your wallet. Win, win.

Where are you based?

NYC is our hometown - Our team and our headquarters are based here. But you don’t need to live in NYC to join our community! We ship orders nationwide, and you can earn money from anywhere in the world by lending your items on Wardrobe. If you're based or are visiting NYC, you can pick-up and return your items at our Wardrobe Hubs (for a discount)!

Can you ship an order anywhere in the US?

Yes! We’re bringing the most Earth-friendly form of style right to your doorstep. No matter where you live in the U.S., your dream closet is just a click away.

Our shipping policy: For rental orders outside of New York City, please book 4-7 days ahead of your desired rental start day to ensure the shipped items are sent to you. If you choose shipping as your mode of delivery a flat rate of $9.99 is added to all orders. This covers shipping the order to and from your location (return shipping label will be enclosed with the order). To learn the status of your order, please visit your Orders page.

We don’t currently ship outside of the U.S.

What is the Wardrobe Guarantee? 

Here at Wardrobe, it's our sole mission and guarantee that you look and feel great in everything you wear from our collection. That’s why we’ve ensured new or excellent condition for every item on the platform, fresh dry-cleaning for each item before every order, and acceptable size-fit for each item in your order. If you aren’t satisfied with quality, cleanliness, or fit of your rental, just reach out to the team and we’ll refund you.

Have questions or an issue with your order?Get in contact with us here.

Is Wardrobe sustainable?

We aim to be, but it’s a work in progress - Wardrobe has been proudly carbon neutral since day one and everything we do is considered from a sustainability point of view. Our purpose is to be the most Earth-friendly form of fashion renting, and we're committed to doing whatever is necessary to maintain that.

By design, Wardrobe never leads to any production or manufacturing of clothing - By partnering with real people across the globe to give their rarely-worn luxury items a second life, together we are reducing fashion waste and transforming fashion with what’s already there.

Our shipping boxes are carefully sourced while noting our carbon footprint; the packing boxes are primarily made of recycled paper and after the rentals, we recycle 100% of boxes, making our process completely circular. We're urging our dry cleaners to use organic cleaning materials, and we never use single-use plastic.

If you have further questions or comments about our sustainability practices, please reach out to us


How does renting work?

It’s easy. Rent when the occasion arises, whatever it might be. No subscriptions, no commitments, no monthly fees.

1. Book your look -Browse hundreds of closets and thousands of luxury and archive vintage items, exclusively on Wardrobe. Place your order at least 24 hrs. in advance for local orders, and at least 1 week in advance for nationwide shipping. Reserve it for 4 days, 10 days or 20 days.

2. Own your occasion -Pick up your order at a Wardrobe Hub (NYC only) or have it delivered right to your door. Put it on, and get ready to own the moment - We guarantee quality, cleaning, and size-fit.

3. Simply seamless returns -When your rental ends, just place your items in their reusable garment bags and drop them off at your local Hub, or use the prepaid return label we’ve provided to ship it all back in the box it arrived in. (P.S. No need to clean it first, we’ve got you covered.)

Where can I find info about my upcoming rental?

Go to your Bag to find all information about upcoming, current and past orders.

When am I charged?

You’ll be charged as soon as you place your order. Payment occurs per order. No memberships or subscriptions are required — just rent as you please.

What are Wardrobe Service Fees?

To help operate the Wardrobe platform and provide our guarantee, including services like 24/7 customer support, delivery and credit card processing, we charge a small fee when booking is confirmed.

What are the Cleaning Fees?

A cleaning fee is a one-time fee to cover the professional cleaning of your rented items. This fee may vary depending on the garment. These fees go to our dry cleaning partners (aka the Wardrobe Hubs) for all their hard work cleaning and storing your items.

What should I do if something in my order is missing or not what I expected?

We want to make your order as seamless as possible. If something went wrong with your order, just let us know and we’ll do our best to help out. You can write to us directly through the app (Menu > Messages) or email us at hello@wearwardrobe.coand we’ll get back to you right away.


How does lending work?

We’ve made it possible for anyone to become a fashion entrepreneur - Get paid to join the sustainable fashion movement when you start a closet on Wardrobe.

It doesn’t cost you a penny to join the Wardrobe lender community, and there’s no limit to how much you can earn. Just fill out the form, ship your items (on us!), and we'll take care of the rest. Click here to get started.

Things to note:

  • You can lend from anywhere in the world. Shipping is on us!
  • You keep 70% of the rental price - Track and transfer your earnings at any time.
  • We take care of photos, cleaning, storage and delivery, so you don’t have to.
  • At the end of every consignment cycle, choose what you want relisted or returned.
  • The safety and security of your items are very important to us - Our team of garment care experts take great care of your collection, and your items are covered by us just in case.

If I lend out my items on Wardrobe, can I still wear them when I want to?

Yes! Just request your item like any other rental item on the app and choose to have it delivered to your doorstep or to the nearest Wardrobe Hub. You will not be charged, except for the cleaning and delivery fee. See our full Terms of Service here

Where can I learn more about Wardrobe?

We're so happy to welcome you to our community! We're an NYC-based team here to help you dress for the life you want, and we have a worldwide community of people who are just as passionate about fashion, sustainability and social impact as we are. Read more about us here.

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Still have questions?

Get in touch! Email us at with your questions and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.