The world is your wardrobe.

Reach in the closets of your style icons. Incredible brands. Distinctive looks. Seamless sharing. Good vibes.

If you’ve ever dreamed of raiding the closet of your favorite influencer, your most stylish best friend, or that girl walking down Bleecker Street in the jacket you’ve been eyeing for months, you’ve come to the right place. Wardrobe is a fashion marketplace powered by real people with amazing style, where you can borrow coveted pieces from our curated collective closet. Think luxury items you can’t afford to splurge on at the moment, one-of-a-kind vintage finds, and dreamy designer pieces for the big events in your life. It’s earth-friendly (aka the opposite of fast fashion), convenient, and affordable. Welcome to the future of fashion. We believe in:

Circularity: Wardrobe gives purpose to unused apparel — you know, the pieces you only wear one or two times — by making sure it circulates up to 15-20 times. This is revolutionary — literally.

Community: We’ve teamed up with neighborhood dry-cleaners to store your closet items and care for the pieces. By creating these local touchpoints, which we call Wardrobe Hubs, we save you time and ensure that the communities we work in stay connected and thriving.

Curation: We have partnered with the leading influencers, stylists, vintage collectors and fashion editors to create an endless closet of the most distinctive and in-the-moment looks.

Imagine an infinite closet with a revolving door.

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The Good Stuff

It’s not just the fact that you can explore hundreds of closets, but that they’re really good closets. Wardrobe has inventory from luxury and designer names like Gucci, Balenciaga, Balmain, and Chloe. Plus vintage finds from the likes of Chanel and Oscar de la Renta. And so much more.

Actually Convenient

We know you’re schedule is as insane as the next New Yorker’s — so we’ve made it easy. You can either pick up your rentals at a nearby Wardrobe Hub or we’ll deliver them right to your door. Just book by 4pm and you can get it by 10am the next day.

Real Connection

Wardrobe users are real people with real bodies and real closets. Cool, right? That means when you’re borrowing a piece, you know it probably has a story. Connect with friends — or celebs or influencers — on the app to see what they’re sharing in their closet. dies, careers and aspirations. Search for friends, individuals and influencers on the app, see what they're sharing in their closet and borrow from them. Mi armario es su armario.

Hubba Hubba. (Why we love our Wardrobe Hubs.)

Some fashion rental apps want you to conduct swaps at coffee shops or public parks. This pretty inconvenient, not to mention awkward. Others deliver your clothes in a cardboard box. We think that’s wasteful. Plus, who’s going to clean it? We’ve solved these issues by partnering with local dry cleaners to create our Wardrobe Hubs, which act as pick ups, drop offs, and professional cleaning services, all in one. We have 40 hubs throughout Manhattan, so if you work and play in the city, you’re in good hands. See our Hub Map here.